Welcome to Empiria!

EMPIRIA - derived from the word empyrean| \ ˌem-ˌpī-ˈrē-ən, which means the highest heaven, a heavenly place.

This is our vision for EMPIRIA: a place filled with beautiful, interesting and unique items that we adore and know that you will too! We aim to inspire women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Sourced from artisans around the world, EMPIRIA stocks affordable, quality fashion and accessories. EMPIRIA is the place to shop for genuine leather handbags, some made in Italy from skilful craftsmen & women in Tuscany or Milan. Our fashion jewellery pieces are hand-picked from a range of sources all around the world - to adorn or spruce up any outfit.

We not only stock items that meet with our personal approval and high quality standards that are aesthetically beautiful, functionally sound, affordable and ethically sourced/produced.

Enjoy your experience with us!